MBA- MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION is one of the preferred post graduation streams among all others.Also the colleges which offer MBA are growing nowadays.Some colleges are genuine but others are just aiming at profit, they are considering it as a educational business.Business in the sense earning money from the customers (students) but cheating them in terms of quality education and placements.

Let us discuss some of the facts which are happening in private colleges especially in b-schools.


The first question which student ask to an admission department will be:”what is the highest placement package of your college?”.The question is absolutely irrelevant my dear friends!!!because every year the companies visiting the campus differs and students differ so nobody can ensure you a high package.

Note:Most of the private college will display their”ACHIEVEMENTS,PLACEMENT PACKAGE,RANK HOLDERS ETC” in the entry of the college itself.  If you see big some placement data and figures for example: HIGHEST PACKAGE: 11.5 LPA AND LOWEST 3.75 LPA. You should ask which year they got such a high package and is it continuing till now.You should question them so that the exact answer will come out of their mouth.

Better if you consult a student of the college from outside for better idea.


The second most important question is regarding the campus life and infrastructure.The admission department of the colleges will show you the best part of the college and we will get attracted to it.If you go to a college hostel directly contact the students to know more about food and facilities.

Note:Don’t lie on the words of admission coordinator of a college always try to get answers from current students.


MBA is a place where additional certification matters a lot. We have seen in lot of campuses they are offering SAP’s, 6-sigma, foreign language, PGPM, DIBP, digital marketing etc.

The most important is that all these courses offered in MBA campus will not be a full package.Each additional certifications require lot of money to be spend.So the campus offers a small package of each course and will ensure the promise given to you at the time of admission.

Note:Try to learn such additional courses from outside the campus so that the certificate will be more valid.




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