Completed Bachelor of science what is next?

After BMajority of students nowadays are willing to do B.Sc courses instead of other professional degree courses like B.Tech/B.E.The demand for the Engineering graduates are decreasing nowadays because of drastic increase in private engineering colleges and unethical educational business.

Always the students who do B.Sc are confused what to do after their graduation.Whether to take up a job or to continue with their further study.The major problem they face during after their graduation is lack of technical skill in the particular field of study say chemistry, physics, computer science etc.There will be lot of pressure and unfavorable situations for them from the family and peers.

Job oriented training

Some will join MBA for just a job (majority for marketing) and some will continue with their same field of education.One fact is that majority prefer job and will move towards that.Nowadays Govt. of India and each state Govt. provides ASAP(Additional Skill Acquisition Program) for graduates and post graduates.This ASAP program aims at increasing the job oriented skills for students.

Acquiring job oriented training can help a student to get job in his field of choice.Becoming interdisciplinary will provide something new to your brain.Some of the B.Sc aspirant will move towards M.Sc and further they move towards PhD.The major reason for this movement is lack of job opportunities for students pursing Bachelor of Science.


Each and every year big firms will hire interns for their firm.Students who are pursuing B.Sc, and have internship experience of 2-3 months will have better opportunities while searching jobs.



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