Tea tasting a course for new generation


If you are looking for something different from others in terms of job.Here you go,Tea Taster course.The tea taster course is one of the job oriented which was practised by food lovers.

The course offers not only tasting of tea but also it teaches about cultivation,agricultural practices, production,quality control,marketing of all tea related products etc.

The course is designed mainly to ensure the quality of tea products from a certain company.India rich in tea cultivation and reach of this course will be very high in the coming years.Nowadays major tea producers are hiring Tea tasters with a very high package of above 1 lakh per month.It sounds amazing,but it is true.If you want to join for this course I would like to suggest some of the colleges in our country like:

  • Dipras Institute of Professional Studies,
  • Indian Institute of Plantation Management,
    Jnana Bharathi Campus, P.0 Malathalli, Bangalore,
  • NITM-Darjeeling Tea Research and Management Association
  • Birla Institute of Futuristic Studies,
  • UPASI Tea Research Institute
  • Assam Darjeeling Tea Research Centre
  • The Tea Tasters Academy,
    Coonoor, Nilgiris (Tamil Nadu)
  • University of North Bengal
    Department of Tea Management
    Raja Ram Mohanpur, Dist. Darjeeling

Be a tea taster and enjoy the job with luxuries.



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