Exam day tips- get ready and face the exam

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Yes, it’s exam time! I am tensed. All will get tensed and worried when it comes to exam time.What can you do to avoid such situations?Do you follow a particular strategy for it?What all strategies you guys follow while you prepare for your examinations? Here we are going to discuss a few points for effective and tension free completion for examination.This will definitely help you when you are getting ready for the brain game.Here we go:
1.Complete your studies: Try to complete your studies a day before the exam.Don’t try to learn new things on the same day of your exam.Because you will forget what you learned because of the extra effort you put in for learning new things.
2.Go to bed early: Sleep early don’t stay for midnight studies.It will hamper your brain’s thinking capability.
3.Try to get up early: Always try to get up early on the exam day.So you can prevent the unwanted rushing
4.Listing: Always make a list of items to carry when you go for the exam.
5.Time: Leave to college/school early.Don’t wait for your friends and don’t be late because of that.
6.Interaction: Don’t discuss what you learned and what others learned.Some students will try to put pressure on you.So be ready and be cool.
7.No doubt clarification: Here you go.Some of your friends will ask you doubt in the last minute and you will try to solve their doubt and you will get confused in the last minute.So don’t try to clarify others doubt in the last minute.
8.Ensure your hall ticket is with you.
9.Don’t panic when you hear the bell.Be confident.
10.Start your exam with a positive knot.Answer the questions you know very clearly.
Keep all these points in your mind and get prepared for exams.Be positive and you will achieve your target.


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